During our new normal of stay-at-home orders and limited offerings from businesses, it can be challenging to come up with a meaningful gift idea for mother’s day. If that has been a challenge for you, you are in the right place to get inspiration (some are FREE!), make mom happy and by giving a gift that is unique, creative and one that will be appreciated AND used! I will also link to businesses offering the suggested gifts for your convenience.  


Here are some ideas you may consider:

1. Wardrobe Styling – whether mom works outside of the home or has decided to be work-at-home mom, styling is an important part of feeling and looking good. Most of us experience frustration after having our kids in finding wardrobe that complements our new bodies. What a gift to give mom the opportunity to take the time to find the style, fabric and outfits that complement her physically and emotionally? A lot of us are using our time in organizing our homes and closets. This would be a perfect time to edit our wardrobe and find our fit.

2. Virtual Yoga Sessions – we all know moms who have wanted to get more active but just haven’t found the time or the thing that works for them. Because of stay-at-home orders, a number of businesses have pivoted their business model to offer sessions virtually. How about gifting mom a gift card to a pack of yoga sessions? It would be a great way to show your appreciation for her AND help her build healthy habits. You can also consider getting her a yoga mat printed with original artwork.

3. Art and Letters from the Kids – Mother’s Day is a special time where we get to let the moms in our life know how much we appreciate them. Sometimes expressing that appreciation means a lot more than any gift she can receive. Consider creating an art with the kids (can be tracing of their hands and finger prints for younger ones ) or completing All About Mom worksheets. These have the tendency to make mom mushy so be prepared to give her a BIG hug also!

4. Time – quarantine life has been challenging for most of us. Many moms are just wishing for some time off. While this can mean different things for different family dynamics, consider options of taking off some things of her plate on this day. This can take the form of ordering dinner, sending some engaging activities for the kids, getting her favorite drink, encourage her to jump on virtual happy hours with her girlfriends.

5. Virtual Storytelling – if mom enjoys spoken word art such as poetry and storytelling, a ticket to The Moth or Nuyorican Poetry Café will be much appreciated. You will also be supporting art and nonprofits who depend on social gathering and have pivoted their models.

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones – working from home, homeschooling, parenting and running a household has proved to be a challenge for a lot of us. One of the most stressful experiencing as a working mom is not being able to focus on work and meetings/calls while at home. Gift mom a noise-cancelling headphone to give her some peace and reduce her stress while working. She will appreciate you for it!

7. Self-care/Pampering – want to give mom thoughtful self-care gifts? She would certainly appreciate burning some calming candle and soaking her feet. 

8. TLC – A gift certificate to a local massage studio. But until businesses open back up, perhaps YOU can be the therapist (and use the candles and oils from the Self-care kit😉)

9. Parenting Sanity – is quarantine life driving mom crazy? We are all being pushed to our limits and maybe hitting parenting walls. We are concerned about giving our kids the love and care they need while managing work and life and yet our patience and sanity is running low. Consider investing in an online parenting course/coaching or a moms collective to give mom tools to lean on. When mom is calm and happy, so is everyone else.

10. Declutter her Mind – help her declutter her mind by decluttering her space. Take it from me, if you live with a mom, she is mentally accounting for all the things that are on the floor, the laundry that needs to be done or folded, the bills that need to be paid and the endless task list to run a household. Take some of the load off of her mind by mobilizing the rest of the family to clean up, organize and declutter the home. If this sound like a big project, start attacking a closet at time or the pantry, or the garage, or the storage, or her office. Chances are she has been wanting to organize some part of the home, do that for her, it will mean so much, will free up her mind to give more and love more.  

If this article has inspired you in choosing a gift, or you know someone who is stuck on finding gifts, or you are a mom and this resonates with you to the core, DO SHARE!

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