What does NJ have to offer?

So, you are considering a move to NJ and wondering what the Garden State has to offer? Here are just a number of benefits of living in NJ!

Close proximity to NYC, PA, DC

New Jersey residents enjoy being in close proximity to New York city and all that it has to offer from entertainment, culture, various resources (fashion district, garment district, flower district etc). Many of our residents live in NJ and work in NY. As such, accessibility to the city is part of the planning and infrastructure. For those who enjoy hiking and a slower pace, NJ is a comfortable drive away from PA where you can enjoy the Poconos or shop at The Crossings shopping outlet. NJ is also 3-4 hrs drive away from the nation’s capital, Washington DC. This is attractive for those of us who work on advocacy efforts on many topics including child advocacy (PTA), affordable housing, allergy advocacy and many others. It is an accessible drive to be in front of our state representatives and take part in important discussions that impact our lives. The Newark International Airport connects residents to the nation and the world offering hundreds of flights a day. 

Family Friendly Labor Laws

New Jersey is one of a handful of states that offers paid family leave. This is critical when we are thinking about starting a family and want to take parental leave or need to take care of our loved ones. While most companies offer paid parental leave at some level, it is very helpful to have the state’s support during important transitions in our lives. This benefit was recently expanded to include additional family members. For detailed info on this, click here

Universities & Companies

NJ is home to a number of universities and company headquarters making it attractive to pursue higher education and launch a career. Some of the largest employers are in the life sciences, food, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, transportation, information technology, communication and financial industries. Princeton and Rutgers are notable schools that focus on research among other reputable educational institutions.  

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

While no one plans to be unemployed, the recent pandemic has resulted in many to be furloughed, hours reduced or laid off. This is one of those benefits we hope we would never need to depend on and yet amid a pandemic, it has become the difference between risking one’s life to go out and earn a living or staying safe for most. As such, if you are considering a move due to work relocation or other reasons, I suggest you add this item to your comparison list. New Jersey has one of the highest weekly unemployment benefits which at the time of authoring this article is $713.

Health Insurance

If you ever live in one state and earned your income from another state, you may have noticed how different each state’s benefits and deductions are to residents come tax time. In the US, the healthcare system is tied to employment and private insurance is cost prohibitive to many. NJ has introduced a bill to consider state-level Health Insurance Assessment to lower the cost of health care. If passed, this would offer residents options and flexibility when it comes to healthcare which can translate to many starting their own businesses and creating jobs. 


No pumping your own gas!

I don’t about you but when I take a trip out of the state, I fill my tank up and try to wait until I get back in NJ border before I refill again! It is a jersey thing I love not having to get out of my car while filling my tank:-)

Business Support

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority offers resources, technology facilities and  access to capital for small, midsize, large businesses as well as nonprofits 

Education System

NJ invests in its education system and the results have shown in a research done by Education week analyzing 39 categories. The research showed NJ taking the top spot in this report. 

Although there has been a steady move of families from NY to NJ, we have seen a surge in what most are calling “mass exodus” from the city to the suburbs. If you are one of those contemplating this move, this is a great list to consider as you think about your move. Thinking about making a move to NJ and want to chat? Book time chat here


New Jersey has now joined states that allow the legal sale and use of cannabis and its products for residents 21 years and older.



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