The town of West Orange Human Relations Commissions honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. each year by recognizing community members who have demonstrated Dr. King’s advocacy and activism spirit. This year, there were 3 community members who were nominated and became receipts of Dr. MLK’s Distinguished Service Award. This year’s award focused on those who’ve made meaningful contributions to our education and system; educators and champions in our education system by enriching and improving the West Orange School Community. 


Below are the recipients –

Bahram Mehretu – a West Orange High School student who is one of the student liaisons to the Board of Education which is a critical role to ensure student’s voices are heard as the school administration is considering important changes and decisions. 

Jason-Lamont Jackson is a teacher and a coach over 25 years and has been impacting lives both in the classroom and out in the fields. 

Tez Roro was recognized for making a meaningful impact to the education system via her leadership in the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) organization. She has inspired many and advocated on behalf of parents and students, often pushing the envelope and challenging norms by offering to be partner in forging relations and offering workable solutions for challenges and opportunities she has observed in the school system. 

Watch the award ceremony HERE.

Media coverage of this award can be found here.

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