So you have saved up to renovate into your dream kitchen! You are excited yet anxious. How can you survive a kitchen renovation while living in the property? Here are some solid strategies to get you through this time!

  • Be sure to work with a vetted contractor that comes highly recommended. You will have several contingencies in undertaking a major renovation. One of them is how efficient and reliable your contractor will be. Even after getting recommendations, ask about professionalism, read reviews and and take your time selecting one you are comfortable with.

  • Decide if you will keep appliances or not. If you have fairly updated appliances, it may be tempting to keep them. Ask your contractor if that means limiting your design options as countertops and cabinets will have to be custom cut to fit your existing appliances. If upgrading, it is a good idea to check ahead of time on lead time. 

  • You won’t have access to your everyday features such as your sink, your stove etc. So plan alternative ways of cooking and keeping food such as a pressure cooker, air fryer, toaster, microwave, electric stove and mini fridge. You may be able to get these items from your local Buy Nothing group, borrow from a neighbor or look on Facebook marketplace. Since you will use them temporarily, you don’t want to spend too much money on them. This can be a great time to support local businesses with takeout as well. If the weather is nice, fire up the grill! 

  • Buffer for more time than estimated to complete the project. Consider if a short term rental can be a good option for you. Maybe friends are going on vacation and you can house sit for them. Perhaps you can look into local Airbnb rentals. If your budget allows it, this may be a good option to consider and it may help move the project along as contractors will have more flexibility. It will also save you some inconvenience, particularly if you work from home or have small children. 

  • Consider disposable plates, cups and utensils. If you had a dishwasher, it will be out of commission. So will your sink. You could use your bathroom sink temporarily. While disposables may not be too kind for the environment, it may be kind for your sanity and temporary use. 

Wishing you a painless renovation that leads to a joyful space!

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