We live here, work here and love our community. It’s made up of amazing neighborhoods, each offering residents a unique lifestyle. With parks, shops, restaurants, culture, festivals and more, neighborhoods that have a little something for everyone. 

West Orange is located in Northern NJ and has a lot to offer. Residents fall in love with the town for a number of reasons. One of the top reasons has to be its diversity. Reader’s Digest named West Orange the nicest town in NJ! The town borders neighboring towns such as South Orange/Maplewood, Orange, Verona, Livingston and Montclair. 


West Orange offers FREE Jitney shuttle to and from Orange and South Orange train stations with access to Midtown Direct trains going into New York City in about 30 mins. At the time of writing this article, there are 6 different Jitney lines covering most of the town. There are additional means of getting into the city including hopping on busses going directly to NYC as well as taking NJ Transit from Penn station, Newark. West Orange is approximately only 15 mins away from Newark International Airport which opens up a number of opportunities personally and professionally. 


Public Services

Garage and Recycling pickup is offered to residents at no additional charge. There is also FREE mulch!


The district offers quality public education to its residents as well as FREE school bus transportation. Public education starts with a full day kindergarten which is great value for residents who are both renting and homeowners. There is also an Early Learning Program which houses 3-5 yr olds. Residents are eligible to register for the program through a lottery system. The district has been recognized multiple times for its music program. West Orange High SChool offers a multitude of courses and programs to nurture students’ interests and strengths including Entrepreneurship program, woodworking, AP courses and many other programs. The community also has a strong special education program and PTA community. 


Turtleback Zoo is located in West Orange! The zoo is a popular destination for all families and attracts visitors from different areas including nearby states. It has a lot to offer (in addition to the beautiful creatures)  including an area for birthday parties and an educational center. The town also boasts a number of small and large parks and reservations where you can enjoy nature while walking and jogging.. The waterfront reservoir by the zoo is a popular destination. The town pool is also a popular destination during summer time where local schools typically host a private party for their students! Be sure to grab your membership early on. The West Orange Arts Council and Luna Stage enrich the lifestyle by offering various programming for both kids and adults. 

Sports Activities

There are options for families to get engaged in sports. Mountain Top League is a recreational organization founded in 1959 and offers a number of youth sports such as soccer, baseball and basketball. This volunteer lead organization is a great resource to keep the youth active, create friendships outside of their school and creates opportunities for parents to volunteer and make lasting connections.  

Business Community

West Orange has a thriving businesses community and a strong support of these businesses by the residents. There are a number of resources and organizations that support local businesses such as the West Orange Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Alliance. A number of businesses participate in a property tax rebate program where residents (both renters and owners) can get a rebate on their property taxes when purchasing from these businesses. The West Orange Farmers Market is another popular event that happens in the May-Nov timeframe. It has featured a number of themed events in the past where the public can enjoy a variety of festivities while shopping from and supporting local and small businesses. 


West Orange is diverse in many ways. It’s rich and diverse heritage is celebrated town-wide which includes hosting a number of flag raising ceremonies. Parents report that their children are better equipped to succeed in their post high-school life as they have been exposed to have learned to appreciate different cultures and values. 


West orange is a suburb that offers various options for residents. From condos, townhouses, starter homes and bigger residences, there are options to meet everyone’s lifestyles. Let’s chat about your lifestyle and design a plan to achieve it. Reach out today!

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